Murmur App (Bluegape) – Sahil Bhagla at Innov8


He is known for shifting his focus from Bluegape Merchandise business to Bluegape UGC Blog & now finally to the Murmur app.

A person, who has clear clarity of what he’s doing! & doesn’t shy away from pivoting.

Sahil is a popular face when it comes to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the country. People know him for some pretty aggressive hustling power & also for the fact that he is one of the most ambitious startup leaders in the country today.

His logic is very clear, make something people want & has focussed all his energies for the past 4 years in creating products which have been loved by the Indian population.

Say for example the Murmur App, which is the talk of the town, a fresh new concept of providing customised content at the hands of the users. & that is the reason that he has over 1.5 lakh downloads within a month of its launch.

At Innov8, we try to build a self-sufficient community by making people meet startup leaders & experienced evangelists, this helps us to #collaborateideas & pollinate ideas everywhere around the Innov8 campus.

  •  We were very happy to host Sahil with us & respect man who’s chasing ambitious dreams in the content business of India.
  • Here’s a selfie with Sahil & Supriya (Founder Josh Talks). PS: He’s few of those entrepreneurs who followed the path of Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg & went to remains of Neeb Karori Baba near Nainital & learnt from his disciples the stories of how Steve & Mark got to where they’re today after visiting the religious monk. – Dr Ritesh Malik [Founder Innov8

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