The Secret Life of a Frustrated Employee!


A Frustrated Employee & His Struggle

i) Like Autumn – It’s another autumn day with bright yet unwithering sunshine. Slowly and steadily as the day passes by, the sunshine fades away giving way to dark misty clouds and suddenly rains make a guest appearance.

ii) We & Our Work – Well, aren’t most days in our work lives just the same. With hope and zeal to work, we start to put out our best efforts only to realise the enthusiasm has slowly faded away.

Well, these few lines actually the feelings of a frustrated employee.

It feels like an existential crisis but mostly it’s our deep seeded frustration towards our work lives.

1. Dreading The Morning & Commute:


A. Life Isn’t Pleasant: The alarm goes off and like every single day from the past few months, he dreads his life. The smell of fresh morning air is no more enjoyable for him.

He cannot enjoy the notable perks of human existence anymore, the sheer pleasure of being alive is lost.

i) When our lives are pleasant, excitement runs through the morning, but for a frustrated employee, it’s usually riddled with feelings of incompetence and worthlessness.


B. Dreading Our Lives – A frustrated employee’s morning has a different aura. The feeling of deep despair usually trumps over the beautiful pleasure of existence.

i) The subway is a usual reminder of how different stories are panning right in front of us. His daily commute is no longer desirable, it’s a pain! A pain of constant observation that occurs subconsciously.

ii) He usually sticks in his headphones and blazes songs just to cut out the noise. It’s kind of a coping mechanism for him, a mechanism that helps him make sense of things happening in his life.

We all have our own coping mechanism, don’t we?

iii) Alcohol, music, detachment, poems, blogs or stories, anything that lets us vent our feeling in the unknown, it’s the same for a person dissociated with his life.


2. Daily Trysts With Day Dreams:


A. Finding Mental Escapes – It’s simply pleasurable, isn’t it?. No matter how bad things may be, there is a certain relief in just casting aside our frustration and letting out minds wander to places unknown.

i) During his office hours, he finds solace in long stretches of daydreaming.

How amazing is it to let our brains wander to places far away!


B. The Pursuit of Absenteeism – A frustrated employee is so needy in his pursuits of temporary moments of pleasure. He/She tries to engage in activities that are often devoid of work.

Daydreaming, absenteeism, music and unusually long breaks are clear signs of the disenchanted employee.

i) He nonchalantly moves away from his desk every once a while. Suddenly, his lunch breaks are usually longer than ever before. He is disinterested at times, being with him isn’t fun anymore.

ii) He is aware, just aware of the fact that his behaviour isn’t certainly pleasurable for people around him, but like a sinking ship, he has no power over it. It has passed the tipping point now!


3. Missing The Feeling of Belongingness:


A. Finding Friendly Faces – Seldom has it happened that people create great work at workspaces that they don’t like. A certain feeling of belongingness and familiarity are conducive to growth at work.

i) Friendly faces and coworkers are all important entities to make an individual feel at ease. A certain sense of belongingness helps in creating a strong feeling of being desired.

As a human, we like to be desired and wanted in all forms of our relationships.

ii) However, when someone is unhappy with his work life, courtesy & politeness are the first things that go out of the window.


B. Being Desired – He wants to feel special and at least receive some consideration for his work. Without support and a great working environment, it’s difficult a frustrated employee to be engaged in his work.

ii) On the contrary, not being able to work as a team makes him more disconnected and as a result more dismantled with his life.


4. A Dull Office Space: 


A. Cubicle – What’s boring that a cubicle? Any guesses. Well, an employee in a cubicle is more boring.

A dull office space and a disgruntled employee are not a good combination.

i) Well, conventional offices are no longer interesting and conducive. They turn creative minds into simulated machines.

ii) Boring, mundane and monotonous are adjectives which are used for a conventional office space today. Ask anyone and surely, these words would crop up!


B. Seeking New Challenges, Interaction & Fun – Until and unless a workplace is fun to be in, great work cannot be produced.

People are opting for solutions such as coworking at a rapid rate. The switching of major firms such as Paytm in India and Dell Inc in Washington DC to coworking are some relevant example of the success of coworking workspace model.indian-coworking-environment

How To Beat Such Frustration:

1. Look At What You Have:

i) You have everything you need! Sometimes, we focus on things that we don’t have, rather than that we should focus on the things that we actually have. Be grateful for your job, friends and family.

ii) Count your blessings and enjoy life as it is. Find out the reasons that actually frustrate you and plan to change that with all your might.

2. Look What You Can Accomplish In The Future:

i) You can only evolve if you constantly strive for new accomplishments. Love what you do and strive for greatness!.

ii) That’s the only thing that will keep you motivated in the long run and help you become a more fulfilled individual.

3. Practice Self Love

i) Often, in the pursuit of success and power, we often neglect the important things in our lives such as our relationship and our health.

ii) Start with managing time and making more of it for your friends and family. Take a pledge to improve your physical as well as mental health with small progressive goals each day.

A good workplace along with progressive changes in one’s attitude can lead to a better job and personal life.

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