Shared Resources in Workplace of Developing Countries


Shared resources lead to a reduced impact on the environment, reduced cost and a greater sense of belongingness in a coworking space.

“Sharing is caring”, this old saying resonates even today, sharing resources can actually make us happier and let us better utilise the available resources. Although, sharing an office space is much more complex yet workers are constantly making use of shared spaces like coworking where the foundation is based on collaboration and sharing.

A shared workspace is economical than a conventional office space. Shared resources lead to better utilisation of resources especially when they are not in abundance which is mostly the case in developing countries.

An open space where people could network and collaborate is a great place that freely promotes creativity and innovation.


Money and Value In Developing Countries

With paired up teams and paired up resources such as space, electricity, a common air-conditioned environment and a common coffee machine, small times startups can actually perform better with a lesser load on their finances whereas big corporates can help their employees be more creative and reduce their environmental impact.

Sense of Belonging and Mutual Benefit

Startup industries are rising at a great pace in developing countries like India and Mexico. The startup economy is budding along with established corporates which are leaning towards coworking more than ever.

When people share resources, they eventually network with each other and can essentially make use of each other’s expertise. Therefore, when people mutually benefit each other, it creates a sense of belongingness with the workspace. Sharing resources doesn’t only lead to money-saving but it also helps people actually share each other services without any hinges or prerequisite as people are available in the same office space.


Low Maintenance and Stress

In developing countries, space is usually a pretty premium, especially in a great central location in cities. Hence, renting a property can be expensive as well as a hassle. Hence, choosing a coworking in developing countries can actually be a smart option.

Low maintenance can help you focus more on your work and be stress-free. If you’re starting new and are low on finances, renting coworking space can actually be liberating and a great option. It would easily let you meet similar minded individuals that may help you elevate your business even further. Small businesses can actually be the most beneficial lot of working.


Presentable Meeting Place Along with Coworking Services

Sometimes, finding a presentable and a professional place to meet prospective clients can be difficult in developing countries due to high overhead costs. Hence, coworking provides a perfect solution by offering freelancer, startups and digital nomads with a great alternative to crowded coffee shops and cafes. With such great meeting rooms, workers can make use of a shared printer or copier. These services are usually free and come along with the coworking subscription.

So, the prospect of coworking in developing countries is a great alternative to the conventional office space as sharing resources lead to numerous benefits for both the organisation and the country as well.

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