3 Things Millennials Want To See In Their Workplace!


Millennials In A Workplace!

Commonly defined as the generation which is born between 1981 and 1996, millennials are set to make up the majority of the world’s workforce by the year 2020. This generation of millennials is highly demanding than the previous generations and seek change from the monotony of the conventional office space.

From mentorship to well-designed office space, millennials in a workplace lookout for these three things!

1. Mentorship & Networking Opportunities


Today, millennials in a workplace seek mentorship, constant feedback and a collaborative environment. They feel strongly about learning and seek strong involvement from a manager or mentor at the office!

A. Opportunities To Interact – A office space like Innov8 provides them with networking opportunities and gives them access to a diverse pool of talented individuals which may help them to achieve their career goals.


B. Strong Work Identity – A office environment such as a coworking space gives them strong work identity and helps them to stay afresh about current industry trends and affairs. It helps them stay proactive with their work lives and feel much better about themselves!

2. Independence & Flexibility


Millennials refuse to work the traditional 9-5 job or the standard logging of eight work hours! Gone are the days of waiting for the clock to hit 5 pm.

A.New Work Style – Millennials seek flexibility at their work more than ever, they seek individual independence and flexible working hours! Most of them are open to working late in the night and are even happy to clock more than the traditional 8 hours a day in order to excel and improve the work they do!


B. Lazy or Productive – Seeking a good work-life balance at a job is one of the most important deciding factors for a millennial. They can often be found sipping coffee late at night at coffee shops or move in their pyjamas at their workplaces.

While this may seem lazy or even disrespectful to older generations, research shows that millennials find such freedom at work much more engaging resulting in higher levels of productivity which is actually the main aim of an employer to achieve!

3. Workplace Vibe & Design


A. Demographic Change – With such a major demographic change taking place across the workspace around the world, the need to modernise the office space is crucial to keep millennials engaged at their workplaces.

Innov8 Coworking is equipped with acclaimed office designs that include nap rooms, fun zones along with a vibrant community.


B. Innovative Workspaces – Innovation is the need of the hour when talking about workspaces around the world. The conventional workspaces no longer provide the essential stimulus which is required across modern workspaces.

Coworking is the perfect office solution for organisations looking to increase productivity, health and overall employee morale.

Coworking is the perfect solution for the kind of benefits it provides to all working generations in today’s era. Ultimately, millennials are the ones who will be the driving force behind innovation for the next decade. Hence, it is crucial to provide them with a place that offers the flexibility, fun and an identity.

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