Finally, A Tool That Tells You About The Salary You Deserve!


Looking for a salary hike, but unaware of your actual market value?

Well, not anymore, Cutshort is here to finally help you out with a dedicated tool that will help you decide your actual market worth.

We help you get paid what you’re worth!

What is Cutshort?

Cutshort is a one-stop solution for all your hiring needs along with a comprehensive database of salary profiles. With it’s unique AI based matchmaking and a unique credit system, it unifies your existing network to help you develop important connections.


A. Partnerships With Big Names!



i) Authenticity – Cutshort is associated with some of the biggest Indian names. A credible source along with a comprehensive database on salaries helps you evaluate your value.

ii) Value – Cutshort’s tool helps you to stay on top of the salary negotiations for a new job or an appraisal at your current job.

B. Stay Informed About Salaries!

salary-tool-screen-shoti) Stay Informed – You can check the value and salary based on different metrics such as industry, experience and job title.

ii) Track Data – Useful trends, data and blog on the website can be used to judge your position in the talent market as well.

C. Know Your Worth!


i) Instant Knowledge – As they say, knowledge is power, market data and analytics help you stay in touch with the market.

ii) Confidence While Negotiating – Knowing your value prior to negotiating makes it easier to ask for better compensation.

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Making an informed decision will help you nullify your emotional factors. Data and analytics will help you defend your compensation strategy.

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