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Top Design & Its Influence On Community at Innov8!

A top design is the most crucial aspect in terms of deciding the role and activities of the coworkers in a shared office space. Interiors eventually mould the physical & mental activities of the coworkers which is vital while building a community.

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Why does Innov8 Coworking look like the way it does?

From the initial stage of creating a top design, the psychology of coworkers is kept in mind. The idea is to build a strong community within Innov8 itself.

Hot Desking | Dedicated Desks | Private Spaces


i) Hot Desking – Open Shared Coworking Desks

The first stage is to decide the number of open shared dedicated coworking desks where different coworkers directly come into the picture to work together.

ii) Dedicated Desks – Dedicated Coworking Desks

This is the first and one of the most important spaces since the users are directly involved in working together so the dedicated coworking desks are often the most beautiful spaces at innov8.

iii) Private Spaces – Private Working Environment 

The private cabins which a company occupies to work in a private environment are always given a glass facade so that there are no visual barriers between the private cabin coworkers with the coworking space as a whole.

A sense of curiosity is always there when a person passes someone else to understand the nature of their work which eventually leads to greater interaction.

A. Ideation Spaces – Exchanging Ideas & Knowledge


Ideation spaces are the beautiful spaces with whiteboards which can be accessed by all the coworkers.

  1. Its Importance – The idea behind the ideation spaces is to provide a common place where an indirect exchange of knowledge takes place.
  2. Further, such spaces help to create deeper conversations between the coworkers which in turn helps to increase productivity.

B. Recreation Spaces – Engagement & Fun


Collaboration is the heart of a coworking space and what’s better than engaging in activities at the recreation areas?

  1. Its Importance – One needs a break out zone to break away from the working environment to recycle the stress levels into a more relaxed psychological zone which eventually translates into higher productivity levels.
  2. Equipped with foosball tables, gaming consoles, pool tables, chilling pillows, table tennis tables, softball, rock climbing etc, recreation areas helps to create a strong bond among the coworkers due to the informal engagement that happens within the workplace.

C. Wall Art – Motivation All-Around


The wall art at Innov8 consists of all the frames, thread arts, wallpapers and quotes on the glass doors.

  1. Its Importance – The wall art is very crucial since it adds meaning and colour to space which makes the experience at Innov8 more joyous and motivational.
  2. The quotes on the glass doors and the frames are always well thought to make sure that anyone passing by takes a shortstop to read and get motivated.

D. Coffee Machines – Conversation Starters


Ever wondered why the coffee machine is always placed in a secluded area of space and not in the prime areas?

  1. Its Importance – The idea is to make sure that the coworkers get away from the working zone and take an experiential walk, look around and be aware of what the other coworkers are up to.
  2. Placement of the coffee machine in corners often leads to more interaction.

E. Event Spaces – Collaboration Among Coworkers


Good event spaces are directly proportional to collaboration among coworkers.

  1. Its Importance – Event spaces help create both formal and informal interactions among employees in the best way for the community.
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A coworking space is nothing but an empty heartless space without a strong community network.
We at Innov8 Coworking focus on designing and planning in a detailed manner to make sure that the coworkers feel comfortable enough to work without any apprehensions.

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