Top Productivity Tools to Help You Stay Organized While Working From Home

productivity tools while working from home

Balancing working from home or work at home is easier said than done.

‘Productivity’ is the new social media buzzword describing the wholesome feeling of getting some serious work done. Like a tip-top ticked-off to-do list. 

Today you are on your own at your humble home. Trying hard to make 9 to 5 work without a noisy office, nosy peers or the watchful eyes of your supervisor. 

You would have heard of a few ‘office tools’ programmed to make life easy for supervisors from the confident intern or your CEO who hasn’t been able to convince the finance guys yet. The truth is, they make life easy for everyone and do a neat job at making you ‘productive while working from home‘ in a world where briefs change every minute.

Let’s get you started with the magic tools that make WFH, work for you.

Talk shop on work apps


Ditch your family messaging apps and choose a ‘work app’ for a work talk.

Connect with your teams over topical channels and stay updated on the latest happenings at work. 

Slack makes it super easy to collaborate over video/audio calls, messages, file sharing and make notes too. It easily syncs with other work apps like Asana, Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Office 365 and so much more. 

Instead of undertaking a tedious search operation through your inbox to uncover lost conversations and documents, Slack lets you keep track of conversations and shared files.

The best part is that you don’t miss out on existing work discussions. Simply join the ongoing conversation threads pertaining to your work and you are up to date.

Click here to download.


Basecamp 3

Real-time group chats, file storage, message boards, to-do lists and everything else in your office cubicle. This app has it all.

Track ongoing topics and office chats on your message dashboard that keeps a library of all your conversations and media shared. Successfully keeping work FOMO at bay.

To meet your deadlines and boost productivity, this app has third party tools like time trackers to help you track your progress on specific tasks and cool features like automatic check-in questions. Answering them helps to keep everyone in the loop with updates in your current tasks and upcoming projects. 

Pretty neat huh?

This app has exclusive team spaces for individual teams for work updates, announcements and collaborations. 

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Host not-so-boring board meetings


Getting lost in conference calls? Articulate your thoughts well and put them across effectively with face-to-face meetings. 

Apart from hosting uninterrupted good quality video calls, Zoom supports screen-sharing and cross-platform messaging and file sharing as well. 

If you are having trouble getting your ideas approved, you can present them on a neat ppt and impress your boss with optimum ‘productivity’. Effort doesn’t count unless it ‘shows’, does it?

Did I mention that you can video call with up to 100 people on this app for free? 

You’re welcome.

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Google Hangouts

You might have used this at some point in your career and you would definitely know how simple it is to use this application.

Seamless integration with Google makes it the perfect choice if you are not a game for exploring new options. Like other Google apps, Hangouts is hands-on with a minimal user-friendly interface. Perfect for short catch-ups- both formal and informal. 

It doesn’t require any installation, supports your existing browser and also serves as a reliable chat tool, right next to your Gmail. 

If you prefer minimal effort and don’t like change, Hangouts is your safest and best bet.

Click here to schedule your next meeting.


Scrap the scribbles with AI-tech

To-do list

To-do lists can’t get more personalized than this.

Simple, intuitive and a beautiful interface- To-do ist is the virtual assistant you always wanted/needed in your life. It also lets you manage your team by planning projects, tracking deadlines and assigning tasks.

If you have the memory of a goldfish and need to constantly rummage through crumpled papers for daily tasks, this app is a lifesaver. Simply put down your task and time and To-do ist will automatically update your list with upcoming tasks and a cool emoji.

When the plants need watering in between your 3 pm and 5 pm meeting, you know what to do!

Click here to make your next to-do list.



Let’s face it. Time is money. 

When you are working from home with ample time in your hand, managing it well makes all the difference. Calendar lets you plan out your day by giving full visibility on the amount of time spent in completing each task. Something we miss out on while WFH in-between super long conference calls, ideation, and daily chores. 

This AI-powered app tracks your daily schedule and manages to ‘save’ more time for you by planning your day out. It helps you schedule meetings with people from different time zones and also suggests a coffee shop for your meeting. 

How convenient.

Click here to set up your Calendar.


Keep a Hawks-eye view 


Definitely does what the name suggests (easy).

You would have come across Asana on every productivity tool listicle ever or heard about it from your boss thanks to their impressive clientele (NASA, Deloitte, and the works). This productivity app gives others a run for the money thanks to super-effective tools, seamless app integrations, workload tracker and the list goes on! 

Asana’s AI-technology streamlines your workflow and helps you set tasks on a priority basis. It helps your teammates take ownership of their tasks while you see them through on a common calendar. It also sends out reminders for tasks nearing deadlines so you can skip micromanaging your WFH team over 100s of calls.

Asana is programmed to optimize your team’s productivity with 100% task visibility.

Click here to make your life Asana.


Resource Guru

Resource management needn’t be as scary as it sounds.

Resource Guru is a fun, intuitive software built for supervising tasks assigned to your team and monitor them in real-time. Features like filtering members based on their skills, allocating tasks for specific time periods and pending tasks appearing on a ‘waiting list’ make this app every supervisor’s dream come true!

If you have freelancers on your team, Resource Guru lets you manage them seamlessly with ‘booking slots’ that integrate effortlessly with your team’s workflow.

Best part? Resource Guru comes with a 30-day trial period. 

Click here to summon Resource Guru.


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