Top 4 Reasons Why Time Is More Valuable Than Money

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Is Time Really Worth Money?

It’s a cold chilly winter morning in New Delhi. You grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee and head down to your couch. For the first time in a while, you realise something which you never did before.

You aren’t as swift as you used to be. Your news choices have shifted from flashy celebrity news to sombre political landscape of the country. And then it hits you, you’re an old man now.

i) Realisation – And finally, the realisation that work was never meant to replace friends and family. In the end, it was never about spreadsheets or doc files, it was more about moments. Can you risk the same fate?

ii) Changes – If not, you need to change some values and makes some immediate changes. Well!, don’t worry, we got you covered here.

Here are 4 reasons why managing time is more important than money?

1. 24 Hours Each Day Decide Your Life

time and moneyi) The Same 24 Hours – Everyone from prominent personalities, business tycoons to the guy next door has the same allotment of 24 hours. How you use your time is what actually matters!

Tip 1 – Plan your day in advance with daily schedules that would help you prioritise your key tasks for the day.

ii) Management and Allotment – You can make money only if you are not physically or mentally exhausted during your work. Planning and organising work may actually allow you to work longer hours.

Tip 2 – Take short breaks, re-energise in order to work efficiently. 

2. Once It’s Gone It’s Eternally Gone

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i) Waits For None – Prioritising work over family is almost never a good idea. That long due family outing is more important than the pending client meeting which can be rescheduled. Don’t just make money, make a life!

Tip 1 – Whatever it is, do it now! It can be that family dinner or your first big date because you may probably make good money again but you can never bring back lost time.

ii) Use It While You Can – Time is itself an important entity, more important than say money. The pressure of deadlines should never stop you from joining that guitar class or those German lessons.

Tip 2 – Your hobbies and your likes deserve equal importance as your work. Go live a little!

3. Money Or The Time To Spend It

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i) Balance & Breaks – Balance between different entities in life is important in order to accomplish success. Balance and breaks help in achieving better results.

Tip 1 -Work is part of your life, not your life. So, balance your life between earning money and spending it wisely.

ii) Can’t Stop Living – Cool off and start fresh. Friends, family and your spouse is not just part of your life. They are your life. Your clients will never lend you an ear during your personal crisis but your friends and family sure would.

Tip 2 – Balance things out, start spending more time on things that matter.

4. No One Size Fits All, But It’s All About Priorities

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i) Choose Health & Happiness – At a point, after a sustainable point in our work life, you would want more. Rather than starting late, work on your physical and mental health throughout the journey to attain happiness.

Tip 1 – Take care of yourself. Period!

ii) Creating You Life – No amount of self-help or advice will ever be enough. You are the master of your own soul, in the end, it’s your life to choose.

Tip 2 – Find you own goals and values

Money is the result of proper time management and consistent effort. Hence, using money as a tool to buy you more time will always result in a failure. Time for you, your friends, family and your inner peace is an important factor for growth in life.

It’s up to you to make time either your biggest ally or biggest enemy. It has always been on you and will always be as well.

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