Uber And Ola In India – How Transport Tech Has Transformed The Way Indians Commute!


The Success of Uber and Ola In India!

Some of the world’s most congested cities are found in India. On an average, we have 1.2 people in a single car at any given point, with the average asset utilization rate of less than 5%.

Mobility or daily commute has never been a smooth passage for Indian masses, even in Tier-1 Indian cities. With a high 2-Wheeler ratio in comparison to 4-Wheeler vehicles, India faces the growing challenge of infrastructural failure and congestion among its growing cities.

From Hyperlocal Ridesharing To Dynamic Matching – How Transport Tech Ensures A Seamless Experience!

With a push of a button on your phones, people working in big metros such as Bengaluru, New Delhi, and Mumbai can travel with convenience, safety and reliability.


1. Decentralization:

Today platforms such as Uber, Airbnb, Ola and many other service-based startups have created truly amazing decentralized platforms. Enabling driver partnerships, hyper-local ride-sharing services, and a seamless experience is a result of a robust decentralized system.

2. Security & Convenience:

With a robust rating system, emergency buttons and live location-sharing, startups such as Jugnoo, Shuttl, Uber and Ola in India are trying to make Indian roads much safer.

Also, the convenience of invisible payment which is handled mostly through official apps makes it easier to deal with drivers.  Additionally, customer reviews about cars such as in Uber cars make sure the cabs are cleaner and much more presentable.

Transport Tech – Bus, Autos & Cycling Aggregator!

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1. RedBus & Shuttl – Share A Comfortable Bus Ride!


A bus aggregator platform which focuses on

value & comfort for the modern day worker.

Shuttl, a shuttle service – has become a popular brand among office-goers. The company has so far 250 buses on board that are offering service on a total of 15 routes in the cities of Gurgaon and Noida. Similarly, RedBus is another bus aggregator venture which has grown to 20 buses.

2. Jugnoo – Making Auto Rides Better!


Jugnoo, the ‘Uber’ for Indian autos has already raised $10 million with investors such as Snow Leopard, Rocketship.vc and Paytm. The Chandigarh based startup is leveraging the already present Indian auto-rickshaw infrastructure in place.


3. Zoomcar & Justride [Y-Combinator Backed] – Rent A Vehicle!


The Indian hyper-local self-drive service Zoom Car owns around 2000 vehicles in six major Indian locations.

Another car-rental aggregator startup – Justride is mentored by Google’s Launchpad Accelerator program and backed by Y-Combinator. It is based on a lease model which caters to market vendors and individuals.

4. Mobycy & Yulu – VC Funded Cycling Startups!


With venture capital funding, Mobycy  & Yulu – dockless bike-sharing platform, is trying to make cycling to work much more mainstream. From short distances such as between metro and offices, these startups aim to take on expensive cabs and unsafe shared autos.

From Privacy To Woman Safety – Challenges Ahead!


1. Woman Safety Concerns In India – 

With women safety already being in such a dismal state in India, the added risk of requesting a shared-transportation service is real. While companies have background checks, live-location sharing and other apparent safety features, the safety of woman is still a hot topic.

Luckily, cab companies are listening to female passengers and trying to create a safer travelling experience.

2. Privacy & Data Collection – 

With the focus being on user privacy and ethical data collection, the question of relevant data collection or privacy concerns is of utmost importance to a lot of consumers nowadays!

Global apps such as Uber & Lyft are already experiencing poor PR over their notorious algorithms which go as far as keeping a check on the user’s location even after the app is closed.

Still, The growth of hyperlocal ridesharing services such as  Jugnoo, Taxi4Sure, Uber and Ola in India has led to a rapid transformation in the transport tech industry. Commuting has changed Indians travel &Coworking has changed the way Indians work. Try Coworking Today!

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