Amazing Responses By Innov8’s Team When Questioned By An Interiors Magazine!


What kind of workplace were you looking for?

Answer: At Innov8, we have a 3 pronged approach:

Central location, Design centric & ergonomic approach & a Powerful community & technology support

  1.  Community – We believe in the power of micro-communities & closely-knit working ecosystems. While searching for space, I was very clear we need something in Connaught Place, it’s the most central part of Delhi. We needed a space roughly 10,000 sq feet & on top of it a bare shell, we wanted to create the workspace of our dreams.
view from terrace of Innov8
Connaught Place view from Innov8

On how much sq. ft. the area of the office spread at?

Answer: 10,000 sq feet:

  • 3,500 sq feet (Open Innovation Zone)

  • 1,500 sq feet (Innov8 Cafe & Library)

  • 6,000 sq feet (Workspaces)

What brief did you share with the architect/ interior designer?
Answer: I know Nithin for a while now & I was sure he could build the workspace of my dream. I wanted it to be a European architectural approach with a lot of greenery & dark furniture & a cosy ecosystem.
Green terrace @ Innov8
We support Go Green ecosystem@ Innov8
A brief walkthrough of the office as to what section follows the other as one enters the office. 
Answer: At the entry, we have the Innov8 reception, a rustic raw concrete zone which has our locker wall, light music & the receptionist seat. At the back of the reception, we have the designers studio, 3 seats overlooking the Connaught Place, with light yellow ambience.
When you enter the workspace you have 2 zones, the Ultimate Zone & The Premium Zone. The Ultimate Zone is a noise-proof glass-enclosed area with high-end furniture dedicated to Hardware, Finch & Software firms whereas the Premium Zone is a noisy area dedicated to Art & Culture startups & freelancers.
As you enter inside you see a library area with 6 Herman Miller steel chairs & on top, you have the filament Edison bulbs & besides that 2 meeting rooms completely enclosed in pinewood.
While you enter towards the rear end you have the wormhole zone (A complete area of whiteboards) & our garage which has our servers, the coffee machines, printers, wifi routers, electrical points & vitamin water access.
When you enter the 2nd floor (mezzanine) you have the cafe library on one side & private cabins on the other. The cafe library has an amphitheatre with books & cosy furniture with whiteboards everywhere.
As you go to the 3rd floor you have the terrace, heavily planted & has a wooden amphitheatre overlooking the entire Connaught Place belt of the capital city of India.


Interiors @ Innov8
What type of furniture has been used throughout the workplace and why?
Answer: A mix of contemporary hand made pinewood furniture with bold modern furniture from companies like Bristol & Herman Miller. The idea is to have a global feel in the space with a tinge of our Indian heritage & craftsmanship.
What special features your office has?
Answer: We’re revolutionising the way people work. It’s not about work anymore its about fulfilment, happiness & wellness. We want people to be amazing at what they do. We give them a platform which has never been offered to them in the heart of Delhi.
It’s no longer a real estate play but a technology play. We’re the first workspace in India to have its own iOS & android app to help our workers leverage technology to communicate & access Innov8’s facility.
We’re India’s first 24×7 campus. You can’t restrict a time to innovate, some people are productive in the morning, some at night, we give our coworkers the flexibility of time. People come at 3 am in the morning as well. We have a dedicated nap room, it helps our workers to be more productive, 15 mins naps are very useful.


Innov8 came up with the most unique concept for relaxation
Nap room @ Innov8
A lot of quotes can be seen throughout the space, the reason for doing so?
Answer: A quote can change a persons day, week, month or sometimes life as well. I realised this early on, we’re not in the business of selling tables 7 chairs, we’re in the business of selling the intangible component of happiness, motivation & optimism.
Quotes vastly add a lot of value to our proposition. These are designed by a team of designers from all across the world, the idea is to keep our community charged always. Give them vitamins of positivity every single second.


we celebrate and enjoy @ Innov8
Party @ Innov8

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