Warm New Year For 1000 – Blanket Donation Drive

Feel the warmth in giving someone some sunshine! ‪#‎teaminnov8‬


A lot of us are comfortable in our warm jackets & cosy heated rooms & cars. There are over a lakh underprivileged people on the roads of the national capital.


We at ‪#‎Innov8‬ with A1000lives. have organised a BLANKET DONATION DRIVE to make some of these have a warm & cosy new year! Join us.


So the day started, like any. Sunday’s at Innov8 are wonderful! Casual conversations & friendships blooming all around the campus.

  • Then something interesting happened. We started receiving a lot of blankets & a lot of new faces entered the premises. We welcomed the benevolent hearts who came on a Sunday afternoon to help the needy.
  • We got over 2,000 pieces of warm clothing, blankets & jackets.
  • As the team of A1000lives started gearing up for the distribution drive, we organised a surprise New Years Sunday evening for the wonderful people at our terrace. The entire team was divided into 7 for distributing the blankets.

After coming back, they were welcomed by our Innov8rs for their amazing activity. An evening full of fun & frolic, a lot of discussion on making such events a regular for change lives of people.

Innov8's campaign to save and give a happy and warm new year to 1000 lives by donating
Innov8er’s campaign to donate warm new year
Innov8, as a helping hand for giving better life and better new year
We gave warm clothes, blankets and food to the needy ones at new year
donating warm blankets to the needy
a small token to say, “We care”
Celebration after campaign @ Innov8
We collected a lot to donate
after the success of campaign, we celebrate @ Innov8
After party @ Innov8

Here are some pictures. 

IMG_7732 IMG_7733 IMG_7734 IMG_7756 IMG_7757 IMG_7761
IMG_7770 IMG_7771


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