4 Ways Ambient Sound & Music Makes Us More Productive


Do you ever feel that silence is a bit deafening? That’s counter-intuitive right, but do you think that you can work better with the right type of sound or background music? Well, you weren’t wrong because the correct type of music, sound or ambient noise can actually make you more productive.

A great ambient sound which may range from music to voices can actually help you relax, concentrate better and eventually do better work.


In today’s modern era, workers and companies are continuously looking for new ways to improve themselves.

1.Tryst With Nature

People spend their days and lives sitting in basic office cubicles. Most of them crave interaction with nature. A simple tryst with nature can actually help them tremendously in their work lives. Ambient nature sounds of rain, birds and a lot more can actually be inspiring and uplifting.

2.Focus & Concentration

Focus and inspiring concentration are the main building blocks of some work and content. However, we are often dismally distracted by the routine office noises.

In contradiction to the conventional, silence can actually be distracting in an office space. We, humans, need constant stimuli to excel, and the same logic applies while listening to ambient noises.

According to the Journal of Consumer Research, moderate ambient noise (about 70 decibels, equivalent to a passenger car travelling on a highway) enhances creative performance and triggers brain activity.

We turn to our favourite songs when we seek relaxation or inspiration. However, during work, it actually drifts us away from work which is not a great thing. However, a focus list of ambient sounds and noises can work wonders.

They play softly in the background with a constant rhythm, the sound is present, but it’s not overwhelming. Hence, it actually helps us concentrate better.


3. A Subconscious Mind

The human mind actually works in mysterious subconscious ways. A productive sound is actually necessary to keep the brain active, especially when people are working for long periods.

Nature has always been an inspiration for people around the world. Consciously or subconsciously, sounds of nature can help you get in the right mood and mindset to work well. A peaceful summer sound or the sound of the rain makes you feel relaxed and closer to nature. Music or ambient sounds are very important during intense work sessions, these great backgrounds sounds can actually get your creative juices flowing.


music-magic-coworking-office4. A Sweet Spot of Sound

Productivity or resourceful can never be imposed on employees. Productivity and pure work ethic can only be developed over a period of time. Also, the whole environment in an office cubicle is actually not conducive to great work.

However, in recent times, coworking spaces have actually been able to provide a perfect balance for the workers who are looking to radically improve their work lives. A sweet spot of ambience cafe noise is only provided by a coworking space which can never be emulated by a standalone homes office or traditional offices.

A soothing sound in the background can actually act as a surprising way to concentrate better. Listening to music or ambient sounds can actually improve the moods of workers to a great extent. Such ambient sounds actually helpful when workers are engaged in intense projects by giving them a sense of physical space.

coworking-celeb-kanan-gillMusic, in general, is considered a universal language. Who knew, it could even let you work better.

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