Why Leaving This Office Space Almost Made Me Cry – My Journey With Innov8!


A. Where’s the Good in Goodbye:

He smiled one last time as he left the door. This was probably the first time anyone saw his chest clad a bit with brief signs of wildering emotions. Finally and seemingly abruptly he carries his bag and moves out of the door with the promise of returning some day.

Goodbyes are the hardest. They are heartbreaking and nerve-wracking but they are inevitable too. And most important of all where’s the good in goodbye?

i) A Year At My Second Home – Innov8:

best-journey-office i) Fresh New Hopes: It all started with a slung shirt over his shoulder and fresh hopes. Geet Saini was making way through his first day at Innov8. It was the fall of 2016 when the weather was calm and composed.
ii) Budding Designer: Geet surely would haven’t guessed that this would be a life-changing experience. A budding designer unpacks his bags and starts creating the magic which unknowingly would become the most important work in his life till now. An utterly important decision in hindsight.

ii) It Started In Fall of 2016


i) BFA & Delhi: After studying BFA for a period of 4 years from the College of Art, the University of Delhi and a failed attempt at a master’s programme. Geet Saini knew he had to change things around and he surely did.

ii) A Profound Impact: The first three-day stint at a WPP corporate job was too much for him. By luck, Geet found Innov8 and Innov8 found him.

Today, the profound impact of that three-day stint has made him realise how much he loves working in Innov8. With its decorated walls and undistressed air, he realised noticed the sharp contrast between his suit and tie job at a big WWP company.

His words exclaim how he felt, he mentions “You’re just a tool, a minor screw in a massive working machine. You don’t actually matter.”

B. The Journey Mattered!

Geet’s First INNOV8 Project

His Behance Profile To Check Out His Work

Geet states “I knew from the start, I mattered here “. It was liberating and exciting both at the same time. Maturity, Professionalism, Work Ethic – Innov8 taught me that, Ankush did, Russell did and a lot of the sessions we did as well.
“My first project at Innov8 was my best”, Geet claims that with full honesty.

i) His Tools :


From crumpled paper to paper, Geet’s imagination was accentuated by the use of crucial designing tools.


i) Things I Create: The more I wonder about things, the more I can create amazing work. A strong workplace and motivating mentors in Innov8 helped me achieve my potential.


ii) Working Freely: I had no coworkers, all I had was a second place to call home and people to call family. Every day and every minute of my office life were amazing. I created some of my best work here.

ii) NID, Ahmedabad. – India’s Oldest & Best Design Institute, 

A. A Thriller: Geet’s admission process is nothing short of a thrilling story. He actually failed his at his maiden attempt to secure admission at NID, Ahmedabad in the year 2016. But 2017 turned out to be an interesting year for him.

B. Luck By Chance:  With huge ups and downs, the sheer process to get into NID was exhilarating. Geet was able to secure his position at other prestigious institutes that included IIT Bombay in the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Guwahati and IIT Hyderabad for his design course. 

C. A Dream Come True: Geet was initially rejected from NID, Ahmedabad. With a stroke of luck and the decrease in the minimum cut off, and that too after 2 qualifying rounds, a studio test and an interview session. It was nothing short of a dream come true for Geet.

His classes commence on 17th July 2017 at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

iii) Memories:


“It’s my second home and it always will be”

From 4 to 40: With such words in hindsight, he excitingly cites how Innov8 went from 4 to 40 individuals with the ever-growing list. From Russell, Hemanth, Ankush and Ritesh, he saw the transition firsthand.

C. Final Goodbye


He profoundly tells about his journey at innov8 with an almost nostalgic smile. It’s like the nostalgia of the present. Farewell isn’t just limited to the place, it’s the people and journey that matters.

Geet’s last few days have been eventful for him. Reeking of fresh childlike hope, he steadily waits for the day to embark on a new journey for the next two years. Why does leaving sound so daunting? Watching it leave made him emotional!

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