The Workspace of Future Millennials


The new workforce of millennials is slowly switching to coworking to boost their productivity and adapt to a new lifestyle.

Just To Pay The Bills – Most of us sulk to the idea of going to the office especially the current-gen of millennials. People who hate their jobs and still work are basically motivated by the only relevant i.e. paying their bills. Most of these people feel they could work better in a much cosier and network-friendly environment rather than in a boring cubicle.

A New Approach – Office, rather than boosting productivity works in the opposite way which is extremely counterproductive. The concept of coworking actually seems to turn the tide in the right way by offering a much more youth-centric and exciting workplace.

The first decade of the 21st century has seen the concept of cubicles turn obsolete quite rapidly.

  1. A Bit of Swag in the Office Culture.


  • A New Culture – A company culture is influenced by the physical layout of the office, its ergonomics and the comfort of its furniture. A comfortable, youth-centric and collaborative office space makes it easy to develop an environment of dialogue between departments and workers who spend most of the time in the same space.
  • Craving Great Workspaces – Millennials are especially the ones who crave an aesthetically designed workspace to induce some creativity in their work and to break the ever building monotony.


2. Be Happy Like Him At The New Workspace


  • Happier – Productivity at an office basically depends on how comfortable an individual feels, it’s about how one expresses himself/herself with comfort. Therefore, incorporating people through a well-designed office makes an individual much happier.
  • Scope for Growth – Coworking provides millennials with hope, the hope of improvement, hope for a better professional life and hope for a better quality of life. Such growth cannot be achieved by spending hours and hours in a closed cubicle. True growth can only be achieved through collaboration and commitment to one’s work. Coworking readily provides an environment of openness to the millennials.


3. You Like Music, Don’t You?


  • Soothing Sounds – Pure focus and concentration can actually vary from person to person, but it’s really necessary for a great job. Ambient music and sound matter to the current millennial generation due to the exposure music and technology through the formative years of their life.
  • Improving Focus -The correct use of ambient music actually helps to kill out the ambient noise and make concentrating a bit easier. It’s no longer just about the work, it’s about the impact of one’s work. The preferred audible environment makes or breaks one’s productivity, but for most ambient sounds adds to their creativeness.


4. Breaking The Monotony!


  • An Optimal Workspace – An optimal workspace should value interaction and collaboration more than the traditional norm of spending more and more time at the same work. Millennials of today can only sustain work in an open-minded, creative and modern office space.
  • It’s Here To Stay – Coworking is not a crazy new trend, it’s the evolution of the office space. It’s the workspace of the future, its the workspace of millennials. Millennials are going to make up 50 per cent of the workforce by 2020. Hence, their participation is crucial in creating new products and services.


5. Collaborative Like College!

  • New Ventures – With a majority of millennials being born up in a digital era, it’s very cumbersome for them to communicate through the conventional channels of communication. These millennials prefer to communicate almost immediately. They don’t see their job as a means to pay the bills, rather they see it as a place to learn and create new ventures.
  • Balance It Out -They want a workplace with both professional and personal growth. Furthermore, a continuous balance between work and family can only be achieved in the modern workspace of coworking. Reduced commuting, stress and overall better well-being are also major benefits of working at a coworking space

Millennials care about relationships and having a good work-life balance.


Also, support and a valuable community which can support millennials through stressful times are crucial. Coworking readily provides mentors in the same space making the place a learning hub for the millennials.

Coworking along with individual self-esteem and an increasingly urban atmosphere can provide companies, employees digital nomads and freelancer with a place they can call their second home.

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