Looking for Coworking Space?

Premium office spaces at central locations with all-inclusive services.

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Important Update RE COVID-19 for all members and friends

Looking for Coworking Space?

Premium office spaces at central locations with all-inclusive services.

Find your office
Important Update RE COVID-19 for all members and friends

Why Innov8 Coworking?

Our culture is our brand and our design is our philosophy

Innov8 Coworking offers premium & beautifully crafted office space where people can create, connect, and grow their businesses at prime locations across pan-India. Innov8 hosts people from diverse backgrounds such as digital nomads, entrepreneurs, freelancers, corporate employees and startup enthusiasts.

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Innov8 is not just a place for people to work, it’s a place for people to connect.
At Innov8, you become part of a wholesome experience that helps you build networks. With a shared work environment such as Innov8’s, you can create new ventures, brands or bands. From conferences, startup talk, musical nights and entrepreneurial sessions, We have it all!
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Best Coworking Spaces Near Me

Are you a startup or a freelancer willing to work in a professional environment? Co-working spaces can be your best bet. Innov8 brings you the best options for co-working spaces with high-end interiors and amenities. If you have just typed “shared office space for rent near me” and landed at this page, then congratulations, you are at the right place. Here you can find a huge variety of shared office spaces for different team sizes. From high-speed internet to food & beverages, meeting & conference rooms, and a dedicated desk to hot desk, you’ll have access to all such necessities. So, what are you waiting for? Browse through our site and find the best workspace option for your needs.

Shared Office Space for Rent

Looking for a workspace for rent around your location? Innov8 will always have a solution for you. Whether you are in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Mumbai, or Hyderabad, you can find the best workspaces that fit within your budget. You only have to enter shared workspace near me and rest is our responsibility to walk you through options available in your city. We have curated office space solution on-demand to meet your requirements. From meeting rooms to event spaces, and private office to commercial space for rent, you can get them all on our single platform. You can also enjoy the benefits of Flexi pass across all the centers of Innov8. So, wait no more and get access to your plug and play office with India’s leading coworking space provider.

What is a Coworking Space?

The term coworking was first used by Brad Neuberg in 2005 to describe a casual work environment where independent businesses can work under one roof. In the words of our founder Ritesh Malik, “Coworking is a way of life. It is a thriving culture that brings like-minded people of different professions together in a productive space designed to make every moment work”.

With the turn of the century, the global economy witnessed a sudden spurt of growth with new-age enterprises growing every day. Start-ups working on shoe-string budgets with casual work ethics predominated the coworking space ever since its conception. The United States owned the nouveau concept of shared commercial space offices. ‘Citizen Space’ in San Francisco is known to be the first-ever coworking space globally.

The concept proved to be cost-effective, futuristic and cutting-edge. Equipped with meeting rooms, conference halls, event spaces, private cabins and dedicated desks, coworking centres are the new trend that more and more companies are swearing by every day.

By 2018, coworking became a global phenomenon with the biggest names in the industry operating partially out of plug and play office. Making way for more flexible work culture and a vibrant community that collaborate together. Currently, coworking spaces are multiplying every day at a growth rate of 24.2% and we can expect over 5 million people to be coworking by 2022.

What are the benefits of shared office spaces?

Inflated rents, hidden charges and uninspiring interiors have changed the rules. Paving way for stylish, contemporary and functional shared office spaces. Whether you are a freelancer working on independent projects or a leader with a team, serviced coworking offices make the cut for all kinds of businesses. When weighed against traditional office spaces, the advantages of shared office spaces often outweigh that of traditional offices.

No long-term contracts, complicated rental agreements or multiple operational contracts. With a shared commercial space, you have all the amenities taken care of and you have a management team in place which is covered under your rental fee. You can choose to work the way you want to by paying on an hourly basis or monthly depending on your nature of business. Instead of settling for a bigger place and committing to a long-term agreement, you have the flexibility to move your business in/out as per your wish, no questions asked.

Cost Effective
Office space rental can cut a major margin off your company profits. With a flexible coworking address, you can skip the hefty rent and opt for an alternative space that suits your company budget. Coworking spaces give you multiple options like a hot desk, dedicated desk, private cabin, meeting rooms, event space, conference halls and more that can be booked or rented as per your requirement. So instead of paying for a full-fledged office space for empty spaces, you can allocate your budgets more wisely by renting a coworking space for your business.

Customised solutions
Ready-to-move-in coworking spaces have spaces that are customised to fit your business requirements. If you are a freelancer, a startup with a team of 3-4 people or lead a team of 50+ corporates, coworking has something for everyone. Based on your team requirements, you can opt for additional amenities or meeting rooms, event spaces etc and skip paying double by paying for every single thing. Coworking spaces are perfect if you have expansion plans at a later stage of your business as their customisable offerings give you the flexibility to choose the space of your choice in no time.

A thriving community
In a coworking setup, you will never find yourself trapped in a monotonous everyday office setting. With a diverse workforce bringing multiple skill sets to the table, you are more likely to find the right set of people to grow your business. Instead of working alone in isolation, collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs can help your company grow and reach the right set of people who can help you grow. A great peer group offers the perfect setting to boost your productivity and grow your business. Traditional offices, on the other hand, can bother you with long rental agreements, rising management costs and little or no opportunity to network and collaborate with other companies.

Why Innov8 Coworking?

Every dream needs a launchpad. Available in almost all major cities across India, Innov8 Coworking offers beautifully crafted workspaces where people can create, connect, and grow their businesses at central districts across prime business centres. With 16 centres pan-India, Innov8 is driven by a mission to reinvent coworking in India by providing state-of-the-art solutions curated to give you the best shared office experience.

Work alongside the brightest teams and collaborate in contemporary and spacious office spaces, curated to inspire productivity. We have everything you need from a hot desk to private office, meeting & conference rooms to event spaces.

Private Office
Looking for the perfect office to fit your dream team? Our fully furnished serviced private office space is perfect for teams that range from 4 to 100. It’s an ideal office space for rent that can be utilised by businesses who want the whole window & interior office cabin at their convenience.

Dedicated Desk
Be your own boss and carve your own mini office space with a dedicated desk at Innov8. Perfect for small businesses and startups who want to take their business to the next level, our dedicated desk service gives you 24*7 access to a comfortable office space for rent that can be used at your own wish and peril.

Hot Desk
The most-preferred OYO Workspace offering, Hot Desks are preferred by freelancers and entrepreneurs alike for its flexibility and a long list of benefits. Based on a first come first serve, hot desking at Innov8 Coworking can be utilised by entrepreneurs, digital nomads and freelancers who need a short yet efficient office space to work from. With your own office space at Innov8 coworking, you can network with like-minded professionals, enjoy a coffee or two and soak in the most premium coworking experience in town at the best price!

Meeting/Conference Rooms
Available for rent, find the most convenient and professional spaces to cater to your business requirements like meeting rooms, conference rooms and board rooms with complimentary services. Impress your clients with a vibrant, spacious space and make a lasting impression. You can book them on an hourly basis to suit your needs.

Additional Services
Apart from customised spaces to suit your business, we also offer event spaces to host team gatherings, a well-stocked cafeteria and a comfortable lounge space to network and collaborate. Innov8 membership also includes exciting add-ons like F&B subscriptions, air purifiers, laundry, car care, business registration assistance, legal services and more.